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Our Birth

An avid photographer her whole life, Lea-ann took her photography to a new level by starting up Lea-ann Gerling Photography.

Working with a local home builder taking interior and exterior shots of newly opened show homes, she cultivated one of her many styles of photography – HDR Architectural Photography.  During this same time period,  Lea-ann also worked as an assistant to a local graphic designer and a second passion was born – Graphic Design.

Always by her side, Lea-ann’s husband and co-founder David encouraged and supported her aspirations and business venture.

Primary Skills

  • HDR Architectural Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Services
HDR Photography by Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design

One year later

This was a very busy year for us as we had over 39 photo shoots with the home builder which we did evenings and weekends.

Lea-ann continued to work during the day at the Graphic Design Studio furthering the development of her design skills.


Two Years Later


Doing some sub-contract photography work for the graphic design company Lea-ann was working for, 2012 turned out to be a quieter year for the company.

This was the time that Lea-ann really started to develop other skills in the graphic design, digital and print world.

Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design graphic design studio specializing in website design

Four years later

2014 became the year that started the transformation of Lea-ann Gerling Photography in to Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design. Lea-ann started to do more design projects versus photography and expanded her knowledge base by taking courses in website design.

In July, Lea-ann left the graphic design company to cultivate her own passions and take Lea-ann Gerling Photography from a side business to a primary business.

Our Skills

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Print Services
  • WordPress
  • Web Design – Creating Web Pages course

Realizing Dreams

March, 2015 we rebranded Lea-ann Gerling Photography and launched Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design.

Wanting to build a creative freelance studio, Lea-ann has been busy completing courses related to website design such as Achieving Top Search Engine Positions and Using Social Media in Business and continues to upgrade her education & skills.

David continues his role as business advisor, marketing and sales support and general “bounce ideas off of” guy.

This is EXACTLY where WE want to be…the sky’s the limit!

Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design

Going Strong

Where has the time gone!  It’s been a full year as our newly branded Chick-A-Dee Photo & Design and I am LOVING my job!

I am very proud of the quality of projects I have put out so far and look forward to many more.

Please go to my portfolio page to see examples of my work.

Website redesign - Annette's Preschool - portfolio
FRC website design - portfolio
Casa de Flores website design - portfolio

Growing a business can sometimes seem like you are going backwards instead of forwards but 2017 definitely set the footwork for a very successful start to 2018.

In 2017, we welcomed Ingram Custom Homes &  Bright-Eyed & Beautiful Fashion Boutique to the Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design clientele as well as our continued support of our existing clients.

Projects ranged from websites, logos, marketing material for fundraising events and more.  Don’t forget to checkout the portfolio page for samples of our projects.


2018 was definitely a successful and busy year. We added a wide variety of clients to our website portfolio including a trenching company, photographer, personal trainer and more.  We continue to be a proud sponsor for the Boys & Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan annual Gala by suppling all their marketing materials and look forward to continued sponsorship.

Take a look at our portfolio to check out our completed projects.

Meet The Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion

Lea-ann Gerling, Owner, Designer, Photographer of Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design

Lea-ann Gerling

Founder & Lord Commander :0)
David Gerling, Co-owner of Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design

David Gerling

Co-Founder / VP of Misc. Stuff
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Our Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services


Web Design

Web Design involves planning & designing websites that fully compliment the clients wants & needs. Website maintenance & social media linking is also offered.

Print Services

Print Services offered include large format, signage, marketing and promotional products, Banners, NCR forms, and so much more!


Graphic Design

Graphic Design incorporates planning and projecting ideas and experiences of the client to present visual and textual design elements.

Photography Services

Photography Services offered include HDR architectural & landscape imaging to photo editing and gallery prints.

Our Clients

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