Spruce up your Facebook Business Page

I found some great tips on how to add value to your Facebook Business Page.  One of the things, we as business owners do, is put-off completing our social media profiles.  I know I struggle with that myself and try hard to complete these tasks.

I found an article on Pinterest that helps to layout some good pointers on creating a complete and useful Facebook Business Page.  The thing is, if you are going to delve into the social media world, make sure you are giving your business the most effective profile as possible.  Social media is fast becoming the #1 advertising/marketing tool besides your website…don’t waste your time by doing a half complete profile.

If you struggle to keep up to your business social media profiles, my strong suggestion would be to look into hiring someone to maintain them for you.  There are many companies as well as college students that would help you achieve a top notch social media presence.

Print off this handy checklist (created by Pauline Cabrera @ Twelveskip.com) to see if you are meeting the grade and if not then this can help to complete the job.

Happy Facebooking :0)