Gmail Warning!

Please Read this if you have a Google Gmail Account:

There are attackers that are targeting gmail accounts to gain access to gmail login and passwords. The way the attack works is that an attacker will send an email to your Gmail account. That email may come from someone you know who has had their account hacked using this technique. It may also include something that looks like an image of an attachment you recognize from the sender. You click on the image, expecting Gmail to give you a preview of the attachment. Instead, a new tab opens up and you are prompted by Gmail to sign in again. You go ahead and sign in and immediately your account is compromised.

To ensure you are logging into the safe Google Gmail site, please look carefully at your address bar in your browser.

If you see a green lock and then the address…. then this is the safe address to log into.

Safe Gmail address

If you see NO green lock and a bunch of text such as data:text/html BEFORE the… then this is a phishing site and it is how hackers gain access to your gmail account.

Gmail Phishing address bar example

Click Here to read more on this Phishing attack published by Wordfence.

Please take a second to check your browsers address bar to ensure your gmail info stays safe and PLEASE SHARE.