Home Router Vulnerability

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Home Router Vulnerability

This past week I received an email from a website security plugin that I use on all my client websites.  It was quite alarming and I felt it a must to pass on the info to my clients, friends and family.

Home Routers are being targeted by hackers!  Hackers then use home routers to attack WordPress websites.  I see the overwhelming attacks through my security plugin Wordfence.

Please read the article from Wordfence regarding your home router vulnerability to hacking as they also have created a quick scan that can alert you to whether your router has been hacked.

I trust this author so please don’t be afraid to click the SCAN button on their article.  If your router has been compromised, the article also gives tips to protect yourself.

If you have issues and need extra help, please contact your internet service provider to help secure your router.

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