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Just starting a new business…or are you taking your part-time business to full-time?  The first 3 important marketing tools any business needs are:

  • Logo (Provided in as many formats possible for various uses and backgrounds)
  • Business Cards
  • Website (under construction)

Adaptation Training’s Terry Gamble is working with Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design to develop his company brand.  So far we have the logo and business cards completed with the next step the website.

Creative Project

When a small business inquires about creating marketing or branding material for their business, Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design explains that logo, business card and websites as 3 of the most important startup elements.  We discuss which of the elements the business would like to start with if all 3 are not doable all at once.  From this discuss we proceed to work side by side with the client to ensure we are capturing their visions of how they want their company portrayed in their brand.  This can be a longer road than the client expects as it is imperative that the client LOVES the end result, not settles for the end result.

We want our clients to have as much passion about the design and functionality of their brand as they do about their business.  This is ALL that matters to Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design…complete satisfaction!

Business Cards

Adaptation Training - Terry Gamble - Business card design by Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design
Adaptation Training - Terry Gamble Website by Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design