FRC Brochure and Postcards

FRC Brochure

It is important to keep marketing material updated with current information and images.  As a new business, FRC needed marketing material to reflect the new products they have produced in order to give prospective clients a clear vision on what their tiny build will look like.

This trifold brochure is an easy to hand out at trade shows, meetings and informational seminars.  It provides future clients with important information as well as contact and website information.

Never under estimate the importance of printed material even in this technological world!

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Cohesive Marketing Materials

To ensure a professional and consistent marketing plan, we continued the design features through to the postcard / business card for the FRC brand.

Postcards can be your company ‘calling card’, business card, informational literature for trade shows, mailers and so much more.

Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design will ensure your small business has a strong, cohesive marketing strategy from your printed material to your website.