Naomi Mailhot – Psychic Medium Website

Naomi Mailhot – Psychic Medium Website

Naomi Mailhot Website designed by Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design

Project Description

After receiving a referral for a web company by a friend, Naomi entered into a contract to have her website built.  Soon into the process, Naomi did not agree on the product that was being developed and struggled to make her vision clear to the web designer.  Unfortunately this experience became a nightmare and Naomi ended up disappointed and frustrated.  After contacting Naomi on a follow up phone call and hearing her story, Chick-a-Dee Photo & Design reassured her that we would work diligently to get all the old website data transferred over to a new website; a website that she would be proud of and is the best representation of her vision.

The most important stage of a website should be hearing and following through on how the client wants the website to portray them or their business. Their website is an extension of them as a person as well as their business.


When you, as a small business person, are trying to create a strong business presence, your website can be your #1 tool.  Naomi Mailhot is an amazing person trying to provide her gift of guidance and healing to as many people as she can.  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and stereotyping that comes along with her gift as a psychic medium – spiritual and transformational coach.

The challenge of building a website for Naomi was to surpass the misconceptions and stereotypes and portray the positive healing abilities of Naomi.  A website that welcomes visitors, provides information easily as well as encourages visitors to contact Naomi for more information.  A site that defies the stereotypes so that more people can experience the wonderful gifts Naomi has to offer.

Thankfully, Naomi and her clients all agree that this website is a true reflection of Naomi and her powerful healing abilities.

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