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New Chapter – Sage Wellness Rising 2023

It has been quite the journey with Naomi over the years. When she first came to Chick-a-Dee, she was trying to recover from a ‘not so good’ experience with a previous website design company. Our goal was to erase that memory and give her an experience she will share with others…and she does…she has become one of our top referral sources :0)

As with many entrepreneurs, Naomi’s business changed over the years, and because of those changes, we have re-designed her website to match.

Chick-a-Dee also designed a few logos along the way; however, today, Naomi has been able to skillfully design her own logo. And like always, we are here for advice and guidance to help her hone the logo for the best possible usage.

One of the best parts of this business – is the personal connections made!

EDIT: Brand New website…Sage Wellness Rising.

A walk down memory lane

How Naomi’s website & branding has evolved…


logos & brand identity

Old Website

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