Web Design & Maintenance

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Web Design

Our definition of web design is the meticulous planning, creation, and continuous updates of WordPress websites. It may seem like a straightforward task, but in reality, it requires a considerable amount of time and strategic thinking to craft a functional and professional site. Rather than simply dragging and dropping text and images onto a page, web design involves crafting a marketing tool that seamlessly blends with and enhances your business. At CHICK-A-DEE, we understand the intricacies of web design and are committed to delivering impeccable results for your online presence.

The Process

Listening, Communicating & Delivering

Dedication to quality and reputation drives our commitment to our clients, which sets us apart.


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Discovery is the most crucial step in creating a website. This initial meeting with the client to strategize and develop a plan helps determine what elements & functionality are essential in the website, such as:

› functionality – what functions do you need the website to perform, i.e. e-commerce, application forms, membership registration, an informative site only, etc.
› layout and design – one page vs. multiple page layout/design, blog vs. informational, etc.
› budget – knowing what the client can set as a budget will determine the size and functionality of the website. The worst thing to do is make a website plan that is out of reach ‘cost-wise’ for the client.

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Mock / Dev site

Once we have consulted with the client to determine their needs and wants, a mock website template is developed to create a skeleton of what elements the website needs to include. This way, no information or functionality is missed, saving time and money at the end of the project.

The ‘Dev Site’ also gives the client a chance to interact with the design and development and can visually see the site come to life.


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Once the principal elements and functionality are added to the mock / dev site, the client works with the designer to make the site’s design elements. Unfortunately, what a client has in their mind’s eye often doesn’t necessarily work once they see it as a website.

Design can be a more complicated process than people may expect but having both client and designer working together on a dev site, the result becomes the desired outcome for the client.

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Once the client is completely satisfied with the design, both client and designer will beta test to ensure all functions and expected outcomes are working correctly.

The next step is uploading the dev site to the LIVE site, beta testing once again, and finishing up with SEO & search engine submissions.

After the launch has been completed, clients are also taught how to access and interact with their sites.

Website support & maintenance is also provided if a client chooses to purchase a plan.

Website Maintenance

Website care & maintenance is an integral part of keeping your website working correctly. Many people don’t realize the benefits of site maintenance, which can significantly impact your site’s longevity. Without proper updates and maintenance, you risk:

  • old or irrelevantcontent;
  • your domain name may expire, (which if not managed, could be bought by someone else);
  • links can get broken;
  • images can disappear;
  • search engine rankings fall;
  • Most important, outdated websites can be easy targets for hackers.

Websites that do not work, look old or are obsolete lose companies money!

Chick-a-Dee Web & Graphic Design won’t leave you hanging; we offer various maintenance payment plans that will hopefully fit your budget and allow you to protect your investment AND your website users.

Remember….it costs more to fix than to maintain!