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Email Signatures

Stay consistent with your company branding by having CHICK-A-DEE custom design & host your email signature(s).  We can create a professionally branded signature(s), host it(them) on an email signature server, and offer easy access to all your email signatures for efficient uploading to your devices.  Whether you are a one-person micro-business or a multi-person big business, we have you covered.

We offer designs that accommodate various functions, from simple contact info to signatures that provide advertising opportunities.  Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Email Signatures

Hosting Services

First, let’s describe what’s involved in ‘creating’ an email signature…

  • Designing the Signature: First, we create your email signature using an email signature generator.  This design can include the following elements:  your name, job title, contact information, any logos or images you want to include, advertising banners, social media links and more.
  • Adding Logos/Images: Logos or images included in your email signature design can be embedded or ‘hosted’ on a server.  We ‘host’ signatures for the following reasons: hosting is a preferred and most used method for email signatures, doesn’t add to email size, and images/logos won’t be turned into attachments.  Why we don’t ’embed’ images or logos: significantly increases the email size, photos or logos can be turned into attachments rather than staying as an email signature, and the email is more likely to be blocked by anti-virus or spam filtering software. 

Added benefits of ‘hosted’ email signatures…

  • Signature Dashboard: Once your email signature(s) have been created, you can ‘subscribe’ to our Dashboard service, which grants you access to your ‘hosted’ signature(s), allowing you to make edits, add or delete employee signatures and more.
  • Email Signature installation documentation is also included for the following Email applications:
  • NGmail
  • NGmail App (iOS)
  • NMicrosoft Outlook
  • 365
  • NApple Mail
  • NYahoo
  • NThunderbird
  • NHTML Source code

An email signature provides the perfect chance to extend your corporate branding throughout your email correspondence. With the inclusion of your company logo and thoughtfully crafted messaging that resonates with your business, you can make each email reflect the essence of your brand. Trust this valuable opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

Signature Samples

Browse a few of our email signatures to see 2 columns vs. stacked examples.

Email Signatures

Plan Pricing

‘One-Time’ Design Signature

– $100/signature
– Ideal for the solo entrepreneur or micro business
– One-time setup/design + edit within 24 hours
– Any future changes or updates will incur an additional fee of $40
Not ideal if you want to advertise via your email signature (banner ads).

HOSTED Email Signatures 

– $100 for initial signature (includes design & setup time); then $40 / additional signature (one-time fee)
– $100 / year subscription fee (dashboard access & hosting fee)
– Best for multi-employee businesses
– Ideal for banner advertisements that can often change, i.e., monthly specials, sales, hiring announcements, etc.
– Access to your company’s email signature dashboard where you can edit, add or delete email signatures on demand.

Ready to UP your game?

Customized signatures create a professionaly branded look to your emails and provide optimal advertising space.