I know when I say to people “Have you updated your computer?” All I hear are groans BUT as much as I pull my hair out on occasion due to a computer update…it is SO important. Updates are for a VERY GOOD REASON….SECURITY!!!

Updates usually contain important security patches for your computer. Developers get word that hackers target vulnerable code in operating systems before the hackers have a chance to really create chaos, updates are sent out.

It is always a game of catch-up. Hackers are always one step ahead so PLEASE PLEASE update your devices to help prevent hackers from getting your personal and financial information.

Windows 7 is officially dead, now that Microsoft has ended support for the operating system — which means no more security updates or patches. Despite this, an estimated 200 million devices are still running the out-of-date system, and a malware campaign is targeting IoT devices still using it, according to a new report from TrapX Security.

The malware used in the campaign is a self-spreading downloader, which runs malicious scripts as part of the Lemon_Duck PowerShell malware variant family. At this point, it has targeted a range of devices at manufacturing sites, including smart printers, smart TVs, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the report found. – CNET

Click Here to read more from CNET for all you Windows 7 users….UPDATE to Windows 10 please!