Zoom 5.0

Zoom adds new encryption features for a safer user experience.

Good news for all you Zoom users! Zoom 5.0 has beefed up their security and added much needed encryption features to its app.

Here is a list of updates to Zoom 5.0.  For more details or to download the updated version of Zoom, please click here click here to go to their blog.

1. AES 256-bit GCM encryption

2. Report a User feature

3. New encryption icon

4. Enhanced data center information

5. Enhancements to ending/leaving meetings

Additional security enhancements

A few other recent Zoom security updates include:

  • Profile picture control: Account admins and hosts can disable the ability for participants to show their profile picture and also prevent them from changing it in a meeting.
  • Minimum password length: The minimum default password length will be six characters for meetings, webinars, and cloud recordings.
  • Cloud recording security: Admins and meeting hosts can set expirations on their cloud recordings and can disable the sharing of their recordings.